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Stack Data Labs:Cloud Certification Program

Cloud Certification

Stack Data Labs provides you in depth technical knowledge and practise to the professionals to qualify and complete the certification from Openstack Foundation. We are so confident about our abilities, that we can provide you the top technical training.

This Openstack Certification concept start with the basic knowledge of Linux, Server Installation and Configuration. Openstack is an open source project to build and develop your own cloud whether it will be public or private.

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BigData Certification

Stack Data Labs provides you the certification training from scratch to expert level with quality, experience, expert trainer, and practise by working on Live Projects. More Importantly we will see you through to actually earning the certificate.

The MapR certification is now the most significant online certification in IT industry. This Certification provide experts to the industry who gives the right suggestion to increase the business in a right direction. This certification helps build the Big Data certified Professional for the industry and ready for jobs.

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Stack Data Labs:Big Data Certification
Stack Data Labs:Java Certification

Java Certification

StackLabs - provide In-depth technical knowledge and practise to the professional to qualify and complete the certification from Oracle Foundation. This Certification helps build the java expert for the industry and after this professional ready for Jobs. Demonstrate your expertise with the most sought after technical skills.

The experience of certification is provide In-depth knowldge about the technology which include test cases, logical concept and practical knowldge. Oracle provide the Java Certification to a skill professional who clear their online test. THe certification give extra edge to the career and increase the weight-age of resume at the time of Interview in a Company.

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You Will Work with Real Companies on Live Projects.

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