Cloud Computing Training

Cloud Computing : Cloud Computing is a emerging way of managing the resources (applications,Data,IT Hardware)which are called Virtual resources and are rapidly provisioned and provided as standardized services to customers/enterprises and from the point of managing it acts as a single resource and This can be used to provide different services with elastic scaling.Arcadian Learning provides Training in Cloud Computing Certification and OpenStack Training Cloud Atlas, a SDN abstraction and API extending the Quantum virtual network into the WAN. Cloud Atlas is built on top of existing WAN network services (L1-, L2-, and L3VPNs) that do support QoS. Cloud Atlas makes these services available to OpenStack through a tight integration with Quantum. This paper discusses two prototypes we have built of Cloud Atlas, one based on command line scripts and one based on a network management system.

Other Courses
  • Cloud Administration

  • Basic Linux
  • Advance Linux
  • Building Packages
  • Managing Clusters
  • Openstack

  • What is Openstack
  • Basics of Openstack
  • Deploying Devstack
  • Deploying 3 Nodes Openstack
  • Cloud Development

  • Introduction
  • Basics of Cloud
  • Basics of Python
  • Contributing to Openstack
  • IBM Cloud Platform

  • Introduction to IBM Cloud
  • Hands on with Bluemix
  • Deploying Workloads on Bluemix
  • Migrations

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