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BigData with Java

You will learn skills related to BigData Overview, BigData Landscape, Need of BigData ,Hadoop , Apache Spark and JVM based Programming -Java & Scala.

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Hadoop Administration

You will learn skills related to hadoop administration,Multi-node deployment ,Cluster administration , automation of Hadoop Clusters,MapReduce programming,Hive and Pig.

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Data Engineering

You will learn skills about planning,designing the BigData solutions,Hadoop Architect ,Data Integration , ETL Deployment , Lambda architecture and Data Pipeline and Data warehousing.

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BigData Analytics

You Will learn skills related to apache spark,Spark Cluster deployment , Describe different ways of getting data into Spark Create Resilient Distributed Datasets (RDDs), and Spark DataFrames and Machine Learning .

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Apache Spark with Python

You will learn skills related to Apache Spark , Functional Programming Overview,Different Spark Components ,Build Spark application,Work with PairRDD,Work with DataFrames and Spark Clusters Components.

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NoSQL Essentials

You will learn the basics of NoSQL Databases ,need of NoSQL database , What is NewSQL, How to use read and write paths using Cassandra,VoltDb ,Different distributions and How you determine the best fit for you BigData Problem.

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You Will Work with Real Companies on Live Projects.

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