Data Science & IoT Training

Data Is New Soil , Data is Electricity

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Data Science 101

You will learn the basics of Data Science , Data Processing,Statistics,mathematics,Machine Learning,How to solve & Approach to the Problem, ETL and Data Integration Tools .

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Data Scientist with Python

You Will learn Python,How to extract Data ,Clean the Data , statistics ,Machine Learning .How to Ask the right questions, manipulate data sets, and create visualizations to communicate Insights.

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R Programming & Analysis

You will learn the R Programming, Data Analysis Using R ,Cluster analysis , Integration of the Data ,Processing of Data with R and Visualization with ggplot.

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Text Analytics

You Will learn related to natural language processing techniques ,text representation,Data Mining ,topic model and analysis ,Clustering techniques ,text categorization and sentimental analysis .analyzing unstructured Text and extracting right information and visualization it.

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IoT Accelerator Program

This Program Designed for Idea prototyping, Building Prototypes using ,Arduino, Intel Edison ,Galileo , Texas CC3200 and Raspberry Pie ,Internet of things Overview, Exploring ibeacon and Eddystone Platform and Integrating on Xenonify Platform ,BigData analytics.

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Data Science Accelerator Program

This Program Designed for Professionals Who Doing M.Tech or Phd wants to join the Industry and Program features How to Solve the problem, how to extract Data ,Process the data , Model the data and Visualize the data using python and R Programming.

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You Will Work with Real Companies on Live Projects.

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