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Stack Data Labs Training Centre

Stack Data Labs Centre of Excellence is one of the divisions of XenonStack - A Stack Innovator. We are more focused on providing exciting and innovative trainings to the students on Big Data, Data Science, IoT, DevOps,Cloud Computing and Data Visualisation. The programs you see drive expertise in a curated suite of technologies and applied concepts, each selected for their workplace utility and relevance to solving the world’s most important problems.

You’ll learn about something new, then immediately reinforce that knowledge by using it to build and test live projects with real companies. Each lesson builds up to the next enabling you to create a strong foundation of confidence and skills moving forward. And as you grow into an incredible problem solver with a robust technical and professional mastery, you’ll become more ambitious with your goals.

When you look for support, you’ll always see one of us waiting to lend our time, our expertise, our friendship. And as time progresses, you’ll realize five years later, ten years later, and for the rest of your life that we will continue to be there.

We are not a bootcamp. We are a community. We value entrepreneurial attitude and a result oriented approach. Above all, we are also passionate and sincere about improving the education scenario in India and the World. Technology and Skills required for getting a job is growing at a tremendous speed and is a challenging task to keep pace with it.


“We give an Opportunity to all Students to work on LIVE PROJECTS and Gain real time EXPERIENCE. Want to step into next Internet world Big Data and start making wonderful experience into Technology World? Stack Data Labs helps professionals to gain real experience by working on Real Companies Live Projects. Be among the next wave of innovators in this exciting industry. Break into Data World."

Our vibrant pool of trainers have minimum 5+ years of Experience and are professional in their respective fields.

If you’re looking for the opportunity to learn the most in-demand skills, and then have the network that can help you accomplish your biggest goals – you’ve found it. Three months to make connections who will ensure you never again face career problems alone. Three months to realize the skills to scale a startup from five employees to five hundred. Three months to change the course of your life.

Why not turn your passion into your profession? Why not turn one day… into day one? Your new career awaits. Start now.


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As Silicon Valley-based seed-stage venture capitalists, we at GrowthX have seen first-hand the problem of founders and startups not being able to find qualified candidates to take on ambitious roles in the technology industry. We created GrowthX Academy to provide students with the crucial skills most startups need, along with industry connections to build a long-term, rewarding career in this exciting and dynamic field.

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You Will Work with Real Companies on Live Projects.

Want to step into in next internet world Cloud Computing ,BigData ,Data Science,IoT and start making wonderful experience into Technology World ? Stack Data Labs helps professionals to gain real experience and transition into new careers. Be among the next wave of innovators in this exciting industry. Break into Data World . #JoinDataWorld